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" I wish she would let me have a life by now I have a sister who pushes things too far all the time. she is such a controller, attention seeker, show off, exhibitionist with a huge disorder everyone notices her tantrums and dominating. she will not let me have a boyfriend or go places. How do I make her see she is being unreasonable. she has been married several times but I am a 45 year old virgin after re-constructive surgery after rape. this is killing me. because I long to be a beautiful bride and have a baby. I ever bought a wedding dress a number of years ago and I want to wear it. I choose to see myself as worth it no matter my age or weight or education or lack of work etc. I choose to see myself as worth being loved and giving love. you don't a qualification for that and I have done so many counselling and psychology units why should I care over graduation when there are people with less who had and have babies and marriages. I am a continuing learner ! I still apply for jobs and I do volunteer work. "


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