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"My 10 year secret When I first met my future father in law Sam, I knew straight away he was looking at me in a sexual way. He was 49 at the time and I was 24. All throughout my two year relationship and before I married his son, Sam would make sexual inuendos or look at me as if he was undressing me. Only after we married did I find out that Sam was battling cancer. He'd kept it from myself and his son to make sure only our wedding was of importance. I was round visiting him one afternoon hoping to find out if there was any improvement to his prognosis. The news wasn't good. It didn't stop Sam from looking at me sexually and in truth I felt desperate for him to have some joy. Asking Sam if I could use his bathroom I went upstairs. A few minutes later I shouted for him to come upstairs. He found me naked on his bed with legs spread wide and two of my fingers inside my pussy. We had sex over the next hour, sex that would normally not be out of place in a porn film. Sam had me orgasming vaginally and anally as he fucked me with his tongue, fingers, fist, and his wonderful eight inch cock. Leaving his small house that afternoon I felt like I'd given a dying man everything he'd ever wanted. Over the next few weeks I visited Sam when I knew my husband would be working. We had sex in so mnay different ways, some of which had me cumming in multiple orgasms. His illness and the drugs he was taking, became to much for full on sex, so I would let him lick my pussy and asshole out as I squatted over his face. Cumming each time. Finally he was admitted to hospital where he died. My husband was the recipient of many new and various ways of pleasuring me afterwards, as I taught him everything Sam had shown me. To this day he doesn't know I where that sexual knowledge came from and I'm not going to tell him either. Each time we visit Sams grave now, I have a huge smile to myself, knowing just how good a lover the man was. "

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