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"I am a single mother who just had everything but complete intercourse with the father of my children whom I have not seen in almost 10 years (he was married and is divorcing). The problem is that I am in ministry and have sworn off sex until marriage to set a good example for my children; however, I want this man badly and the feeling's mutual! It's like we have never been apart. He thrills me! Makes me laugh! Satifies me! Treats me with affection and care! Almost everything I have asked for in a husband except he is not "born again" which is very important to me. What should I do? He is cooking dinner for me this weekend and I know that turning him down sexually will be hard; although he does not pressure me and understands my convictions. He is totally a changed man and doesn't want to do anything to hurt me or the kids. He has been keeping his word about everything and is more patient and kinder than I have ever seen him. I just do not want to be a hypocrite."


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