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"This is such a weird confession... I just really hope that no one makes fun of me cause this is big for me to talk about this even on an anonomous web site. So... I am a very successful woman, I have my life together, I dont feel like Im crazy or anything, but I have a SERIOUS compulsion. Since I have been probably 10 or 11 years old I have compulsively and obsessively picking at my skin. Its like im a recovering crack addict or something!!! (Im not though lol) This doesnt sound like it would be that big of a deal, but I have horrible scars all over my arms, legs, back...everywhere. I have some problems with anxiety and i think this may be where it stems from. I cannot stop doing it for anything. I would usually make fun of someone who says they cant stop compulsively eating or nail-biting or some other obsession- but i realize that this is an addiction just like those things. I am so sick of people asking about the sores on my body, Im sick of hiding them with band-aids and make -up... Ive done some research, apparently this is called psychogenic excoriation, there are forums overflowing with people talking about it. I never knew until today that this was an actual psychological problem. I feel better knowing that its not just me. Ive seen pictures of people who have it worse than me and they basically tore their skin apart... I hope to God i never get that bad. A lot of people take anti-depressents for it... I dont think that will help me. I was on zoloft a few years ago for other reasons and it did nothing for this problem. I think i just have to work really hard to stop- I just dont know how"

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