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"Pissed n Fed-up - im 4th fiddle to his iphone, ipad and mac - he is a pet, not husband...he comes home, eats and goes to sleep - he spends any extra money on himself - he only has minor responsibilities at home but could not fulfil them - ive stopped having expectations cos i know ill b disappointed - u dun have to talk to me when u come home from work so i dun have to hear only criticisms coming out from u - u exempt urslf from any parenting duties so if anything happens to our son, it's on me - sure you're the only one that has needs and problems - 'I need to get away just to do my work' WTF??? - 'I need a dad's night out...' even more WTF!!! - i cant c the point u marrying me other than u dun want to die alone.... - get over your mid-life crisis - if u want to stop being the provider, its okay i can go back to work and earn twice as much as what ur giving me now - appreciation and verbal thanks not required, so shut up about everything else - u think u know everything but frankly u dont - ur only excited about things ur interested about, if not u scream 'i dun care!' even if it was something i care about "


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