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"on my feelings :( well i jxt came frm my friends house and im feeling relly sad. she invited her boyfriend ovr and at first we were all chillen then wen the two of them got cuddled up i was feelin lik dang wish i had sumone here with me. i jxt felt lik a little third wheel while i was sittin on the othr sid of the couch lookin lonely. she ddnt evn see if i was okay eithr which kinda hurt as a friend... best friend at tht... its extremely hard for me to open up to people in a relationshp sense and im complicated but yet i hav a very big heart and am scared about how i giv out my heart to people, im not trying to be concieted at all but i am very pretty and get askd why im single soooo much. i jxt think inside my head wen the question is askd tht im a little complicated girly. i wont settle for anything in a relationship eathr i hav high standards, in the past it seemd as if i jxt wuld try and find love with the first person who would jxt take a second glance at me but not any more... i have bottled up too much respct for myself for jxt anything. everyone says the right guy will come wen the time is right, but wen will tht time come? wen will the time be right?... i will nevr kno i guess... i dont eant to be foever alone but at some times.. specially now, thts how i feel... sometimes i jxt want to be held nd loved... i dont relly tell people wat i think as far as relationshps becuz it aint none of their business nd i dnt lik to be made fun of or taken advantage of so i keep it in... i jxt want to ask god if he will take this very depressing feeling out of me.. please? :,( .. some times i feel as if im not pretty enough sometimes i feel that im not good enough and sometimes i jxt feel lik.... horrible "


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