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"I dont know… So Ive been with my boyfriend for almost 2 months, but we talked a while back as friends, then we fell out and didnt talk for a while. Anyway, Im not against people smoking weed, but unless you are told by a doctor to use it, I dont really think you "need" to smoke it. And my bf smokes is all day everyday. And it isnt medical for him. And I dont really like it but I dont hate it. And he always asks why I get distant and quiet when he does it infront of me or while on the phone with me. And I dont wanna be that kind of girl that says you cant do one thing or another, I am gonna let him make his own choices. But it still bothers me for some reason. But Ive looked past it cause I love him. I guess Ill just let him, but ask he not do it around me or something."


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