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"I was with my boyfriend for 8 months. It wasn't a terribly long time together but we were enjoying ourselves and it seemed like it would never end. I knew I loved him and I told him many times. I started to guess our relationship for thinking I wanted something more. I started to see him as annoying whenever he spoke about his day and thought that he overreacted in some situations. Then I was invited to a relative's party. My boyfriend was supposed to attend with me, but he decided not to. I guess I was happy that he didn't go but now I wish he did. I found myself making out with another guy at the party, thinking I wanted something different. I felt horrible after the situation and I didn't want to keep my boyfriend in the dark and I couldn't live with myself after what happened. The next day my boyfriend came over and I told him I couldn't be with him for I wasn't putting my all in and never told him about making out with the other guy. That was 5 months ago. My ex still doesn't know the full reason why and It's eating me alive. He has since moved on and has a new boyfriend and it hurts me every time I see them together. The life I still could have had if I was just honest and talked to my (then) boyfriend about my feelings. I have the whole world now, but the price was too high."


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