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"Confused in dating emirati men Im a waitress and there was this one regular emirati men who always bugs me and asked me if i can go out with him, he gave me his number buti ignore him for many months not until my vacation started, i started texting him thru watsapp and after that he called me and he was so excited and everything..he is now calling me baby i dont know why so im calling him baby as well. We dated once and i had sex with him. He told me to trust him and all that that he is not a bad guy..but my problem is i dont..he is married and have a kid but they are separated and he doesnt see his kid alwaays..he opened that up to me without me asking..i was like okay. I dont know if he really likes me or what cos i am the firs filipina women he dated (thats what he said) i am confused i like him but i dont want to fall inlove with him .i dont know if you should believe him or what.. 😔"


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