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"Another World: Epilogue ...nothing far-fetched. Many of those who invested themselves into this... joyride... wouldn't have the chance to redeem the life they abandoned for the sake of discovery, for the sake of... knowledge, perhaps. Frankly, the motives of the volunteers just don't make any sense. They abandon, literally, everything... just for the sake of experiencing the life as alien beings on the planets that proved to be extremely hostile to the very definition of diversity. But then, the growth, "the upgrade" their energy blueprints receive after such experiences... make them nearly invincible, make them equal to gods, in a way. They become, as the beings from the twin planet formulated it aeons ago, the particles of existence. They could, as these beings claimed, become the masters of the observable universe. But, given their refined nature... the volunteers are not interested in any kind of "power", except the power to create. They become Architects. The beings working with the timelines, in the most scrupulous way. They cannot operate within the lower-dimensional realm any more, so they are forced to do the maintenance work either using the new volunteers, or... taking over the biological systems that are suitable for the tasks within their to-do lists. Would you like to become a god? Then prepare... " embrace the unseen and unforeseen. The motto of The Gateway project. Farewell the Red Star... and greetings, Sol. Frankly, projecting to Gaia is a very risky business, due to enormous interference of the area enveloping the star system. But, what choice do I have? The point of no return was passed after I gave my explicit consent to The Gateway. Now, everything I have to do is wait..." You are to become one of the Architects. You, Ez-Kha-Nu-Kha, the resident of the Fairlight urban area, gave your consent to The Gateway for manipulation of your energy blueprint for the purpose of projection, as well as for all the purposes described within the customized procedure for the projection. You are given the right to opt out of the participation in the transmission as well. Before the initial stages of the procedure are commenced, you are free to leave the Red Star system in order to explore the observable universe in the vehicle provided to you, if you wish so. The procedure will commence upon the registration of your return to the Fairlight urban area. "...of course, I took full advantage of my rights, given that I might never get such a chance again. I travelled quite a lot. There will be a proper time for the revelations about my trips and about my true motives for the projection as well... right now I must prepare..." *** The gaps between the relay systems widen and close, moving south. The gas giants of the Red Star system drift lazily without any destination or purpose, leaving transitory patches of pink in the orange sky of the urban area. Nothing in the atmosphere of the new day in Fairlight reveals that the Antares routing centre reported about massive deviations within The Gateway procedures. It is currently unknown whose procedures were affected most. Due to the procedures being extremely rigid, the setbacks within the schedules could put the entire procedures in jeopardy. "...I was informed about the deviations, but I didn't have any choice. My time has come. The implants restricting telecommunication abilities, including telepathy, were activated the very same day. The preparations for the projection went by flawlessly. I started to prepare, as they say, for the unseen... and for the unforeseen as well...""

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