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"2 years ago- Truth works too. I was seeing a Milf, Diana had a larger frame, fat tits, & a pussy, if it wasn't for her bleach blonde head of hair-- to her bum, it never would of happened. As it was, I used to stop in, get nude, watch her foxtel while I either instructed her how to suck me, or I had the back of her head in a tight grip while I just skull fucked her till I was satisfied, then moving her into heaps of different head job positions while smashing her pussy with my style of fingering,,,,very intense- & with some object insertion,,,,,,the only time I even bothered to go down on her,,she smelt so I said The only position I ever fucked her in was doggie, cumming up the back of her head or over her shoulder onto her tits so she could lick it......I used to send her pics of me (nude),, and some awesome dirty text mesg, well Diana let me know she had a work friend, that enjoyed my texts & pics aswell, cause she was showing them to her,, her name was Kylie, she was separated from her husband, & Diana then let me know it was cool with her if I wanted to check her out, I told Diana to ring her friend there and then-- she did, I took the phone, simply saying, " I'm the guy blowing on Diana, lets meet". A voice on the other said back,,,,"aw alright, I'm at work now but can meet at your place after 8 tonight"....... I gave her my address then hung up.. Now neither Kylie or myself were expecting such a massive sole meeting when we met.!...I truly have never been satisfied, till now. The las two years with Kylie has been everything I have wanted..I have protected her sweet puss to get fulfilment "

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