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"Wife shocking Valentines confession So the day before Valentine's Day my wife I attended a party. As the party died down for the night I decided to go outside where I found my nieces friend Laurie (20) sitting there with a small skirt on. Seeing that she was alone I approached her and asked if everything was ok. She replied, "yeah just needed to get some fresh air but is actually kinda of cold out here." Being a gentleman I offered a small blanket that I had in my car. To my surprise my wife was watching the whole time standing at the door she gave me this intense stare, went inside and closed the door behind her. We continued chatting for a bit then also headed inside. On the way home we just made small talk but never mentioned anything about the tense moment she gave off. We got home wished each a happy Valentine's Day (at this point it was past midnight). Which lead to a love making session. I then decided that this was a good moment to clear the air and asked if she was upset about me being outside alone with Laurie. What followed shocked the crap out me. She replied, " No... I was actually turned on to think that you guys were flirting then my mind started to wonder. What if he takes her to the side off the house and get under that skirt." She continued "you should have taken her to our car for a quickie." At this point I just lost it and blew the biggest load in her. We ended the night by her confessing that she's get so turned on thinking of me being pleased by other women and her watching. She suggested we invite over and for me to try and seduce her. I don't know how to go about this. I feel like Laurie would freak out if I tried coming onto her because she would think I'm being unfaithful. My wife doesn't really want her to know that she's involved or think of us as freaks. Any suggestions or advise would be greatly appreciate. Thanks in advance. "


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