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"My girlfriend WTF? So for the past 3 months I have been the absolute best boyfriend ever, i am not bragging but genuinely being realistic. She feels sad i go and see her, bring her a cookie, write a handwritten note. If i dont have a car i find another way, no matter what I am their for her. I give her the most thoughtful gifts and I even deal with the fact that she is still hung up on her abusive ex. I have put a lot of time and effort into this relationship and I say ONE FUCKING STUPID THING, I MAKE ONE GODDAMM MISTAKE THAT ISNT EVEN THAT FUCKING BAD AND I APOLOGIZE OVER AND OVER, but she now treats me like shit. She basically doens't talk to me and doesnt give me an answer if she is breaking up with me or not, instead she decides to fucking string me along. Anytime i fucking bring it up and want to know where we are at I am apparently making her feel uncomfortable and pressuring. LIKE WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK. I have been nothing but genuine, respectful, and good for her and now i am basically being treated like dog shit for saying one thing that was a mistake and that i didnt mean and in all reality wasnt that bad"

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