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"What Is The Purpose?? i am just not understanding one thing in life… Life itself. No, i'm not going to commit suicide or anything its just like why? What i'm trying to say is that you follow the rules, go to school to get a good paying job so you can retire and die. I don't wanna live life without even living what life should be like. Take some risks, do something that makes you feel alive. But no… You have to stay in school and get good grades, to get to a good college, to get a good job to get a good amount of retirement so you can die with whatever suits your fancy. I wanna be remember the guy who learned how to live life the right way. Not just some guy who got a job, worked their ass off, retired and dies with nothing to be remembered by. I know i'm saying the same things over and over again but i cant emphasize it enough. Go outside, get good friends, do something illegal, take a risk, make that move. You're not going to get that special someone just by watching from afar. And if they don't feel that way, who cares?? Move on in life because you have more life to live. And if you do get them, congrats you have someone to live with. I'm not saying that jobs and school are bad, just that they aren't the way you should. Why learn things you'll never need later in life! Like why would you need to know the area of a rectangle and you measured one side as 2ab to the second power! Thats one messed up ruler. What my point it don't just lay on your ass and have no one remember you. And maybe i have affected you, fellow reader (thanks for listening to me rant about nothing) And you might think of life differently. make goals for yourself. They don't even have to be that extraordinary either. it could be as simple as i'm going to go meet my friends today, or i'm going to save up for a new car. Never let life let you down."


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