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"Goes to leave me stranded but im the unreasonable one! So yesterday, me hubby and step daughter got kicked up by a friend to visit another friend. On the way we stopped at services. As we got out the car, hubby takes step daughters hand and marches off. I comment, jovially, with "and he's off again " (he's always marching off and leaving me behind) and he snaps at me about how he's trying to get his daughter out of the road (she's 10 and it was a car park) so I say back, in an irritated time now, that he doesn't have to march to do it. He stopped, looks at the sky, rolls his eyes and then this conversation happens H- "do you want to go home? " M-(thinking what the hell has happened) "if you want me to..?" H-"fuck off then" He then walked in to the services with step daughter and friend and left me. I walk off wondering what the hell I'm going to do and trying to figure out how the hell I get home. 20 mins later I see them walk out and head to the car. 5 mins after that hubby comes over and says "are you off then?" And I say "when I can figure outa way to get home" and he says "fine, fuck you" and walks away again! I go after him and say wtf, we have a small argument but he tells me to get in the car. Obviously as we're at friends we can't really discuss further but later in the day when we're alone he asks me why I seemin a shitty mood! So I say about the services and it turns out that I was the out of order one and him going to leave me there was perfectly reasonable and not over-reacting at all!! So the 2 comments I made where way out of line (!?) but him telling me to fuck off and going to leave me stranded was nothing and I shouldn't still be pissed about it, especially as it was my fault!!! 😡😡 "

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