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"Big Areolas I am really confused as to have a surgery done or not. I'm a 34 DD, and like 5' 6''-ish so, I guess my b**** are alright according to my height. But, the only thing that I have huge areolas. They are like 2.5-3'' I've slept with like 5-6 men and like 4 of them like it big. To be honest, I don't understand as to why people prefer it small. Don't men have small too? Whenever I watch p***, all the girls have small areolas and it really makes me insecure. My FWB says he's absolutely crazy over them, and he likes them that way. But, I can't help but feel a bit self-conscious whenever we watch p*** together. So, here's my question, should I get it done or not?"


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