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"I sometimes fantasize about my high school history teacher. He is only 10 years older than me, and when I first met him...I hated his guts, but all of the sudden; I guess I fell in love with him. I dream about him almost every night and it's not in the filthy or degrading kind of thoughts. It's just I want to be around him, I enjoy seeing him everyday; I wish him the best and just want to make him happy. He laughs at my lame ass jokes, and really does care. I once made a suicide note for a class presentation that was about depression, and he saw and it took it literal. He gave me a long speech on how important I was...I'm not depressed or suicidal and constantly told him it was for that was a class, but he said he didn't care on the fact it was for a class. LIKE UGH...I fall to pieces on how awkward I am when I'm around him.LIKE SRSLY ALL I WANT TO DO IS MAKE HIM FOOD AND FEED IT TO HIM ON SOME COMFY SOFA. AND CARESS HIS CHEEKS AND JUST LOOK INTO HIS PERFECT BROWN EYES FOR AN ETERNITY"

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