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"Boyfriend Rant .-. *Sigh Im only 12 but I mean, iwant a boyfriend.. Not somethng serious or something I just want someone I can hug, and cuddle with ... Theres 2 guys that have a crush on me but I mean, I dont know them in real life, I have only ever SKyped them .. I want someone i can HUG And TALK TO without have to fix the fucking internet connection And stuff .-. I was SOMEONE To hug And to care about and to doodle in my notebook or something... Theres NO ONE I have a crush on I just Urggg If you, the person that is reading this is LUCKY enough to have a boyfriend .. Go hug him right now I want someone SO Badly... Not for anything serious, just to hug :( Im so lonely :( Im quite pretty ... I mean Urg Theres no one I like ITS FRUSTRATING ! Thanks for reading my rant :("


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