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" Evil Mojo We all see movies where people are bewitched or possessed,but this does happen in real people and people will do it to other people.You would think of this being in the caribbeans or new orleans,but most of it happens in the mountains in the eastern parts of the usa.How they do it is this:They find some poor kid,man,woman or whomever they choose and get em down physically and mentally,they use poison and oppression to get them in this condition.They do unspeakable evils to the persons body and mind. Try to steal from them and own them.But what is required of the people who do this to people is costly on their souls.So if you get the spirits to do this,it will cost you dearly eternally.There is people who can steal other peoples brains or thoughts like downloading from a server or something.So if you ever go to mountainous areas stay healthy,rested, and right with the lord(which you should anyways) or they will make you their next victim."

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