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"I really got messed up- weekend. I am a married woman (14 years) and I don't love my husband with all my heart or any of it. He is a good man like weak and badass and we should have a really good relationship as we are so similar weak badass. I have cheated on him many times and he has cheated on me. I got screwed up last weekend and got drunk with some girlfriends. I had sex with a complete stranger in the parking lot of a bar. I have an idea why I did it as home marrieed life and kids of 5 and 16 and 23 are so boring to me so why i picked this guy of all the people was revenge sex on Tumblr as well.He lives down the street from us ( he is married) ---I am so not sorry I did it--- he did my 23-year-old 8 years ago he said on Tumblr and his wife does my husband and boys the only one they hasnt done is 5 but in a few it will n already is looking fox like, so at least we have some groove codes here "

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