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"i get anxiety attacks over just my periods - the pain of getting them, and the fear if they don't come. anxeity of getting chest pain and hospital. I panic just visiting the hospital for a check up outpatients section. I suffer anxiety over getting rejected when I join new social groups thinking i will turned away everywhere I go. i get anxiety about not getting to see a reliable doctor i get anxiety over public holidays - where to go if I need help? how to make new friends? how to look not over needy. how to get loved and find a relationship, I am allowed a normal healthy relationship with a man in a romance and no one, no one has the right to take that away from me. that is more then a constitutional right for me allowed to have a man love me in a romance and I don't have to be gay for any bullying abusive lesbian or bullying rapist. I have a right to move on from where I am now emotionally to find the career and man I need. "

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