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"I�m a 22 years old, good looking, italian boy. I read the posts on this site everytime I feel sad, that means in every moment. I�m so depressed. The girlfriend I loved cheated on me, she hurt me so much, I had to leave her after I tried to pardon her. She�s a bitch, but at least she was caring. Now I am worried of girls, but also I desperatly need someone that is caring with me. I started �college� two years ago, I am not studying but I don�t want to work, because I want a work that satisfies me, not a common one. I am very good in writing, but I don�t do anything that going to a stupid, temporary job and losing time playing computer games. I am too sensitive, and for that people thinks that i act strangely. I have few friends, and only one of them that I really like to stay with. I�m falling in love for the girlfriend of a friend. She�s not so beautiful, but she�s really really intelligent and educated. I am pretty and I could have all the girls I want, but I like only inttelligent, educate and sensible ones. Not like my ex. I love my family, but they don�t completly understand me. And they are right always telling me that I�m waisting my life. I don�t see a future for me. I�m a failiure. In everything. Writing, gaming and drinking too much are the only things that I can do. I don�t know why I�m writing this here. I would like someone of you to help me. But noone, obviously, can."

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