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"The latest shitty thing my boss has done! I've been scrounging all summer trying to come up with lessons that don't involve purchasing anything and trying to locate needed supplies from various partner organizations. It's a mess and totally unsustainable for the program going forward. Then, the other day I'm in the car with my co-worker and she mentions that because we got done early, she wanted to know if we could stop at the co-op so she can buy the gift card for the program. I said sure and then asked what it was for...she said that our boss and her were going over the budget and needed to spend the extra $300 before July and they had no idea what to do, so are just getting a gift card to purchase food for next year's programming. WTF?? She didn't even ask me if I needed anything. The one who is in charge of education on a program whose outcome is increasing nutrition knowledge. Great. Let me just continue asking begging another department for the bowls/utensils, scrounging up colored paper from a partner org, begging a scho"


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