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"i am a learner bitch! i have more reasons to be a bitch then the bitches who have bashed and abused me, i should be a bitch to everyone, you know some male cunts are bigger bitches then i could ever be. like my old fart psychiatrist pissed me off last time because that old cunt gets paid billions and passively listens a few hundred an hour and has the cunt hide to say to me "that is crying over spilt milk" as if the old fart expects me to see life like a stupid old fart, he can't understand why i would want kids, that is why i want to get rid of the useless fucker! as i don't believe he is telling me the truth about my health and never helps or 5 years i have seen him and its going nowhere, its like i have just been held back for 5 years when I wanted to be married with kids and this stupid old fart can't see why i would be upset. i felt like bashing the cunt over the head. someone should bash him up. i wish i had of got ron to go around bashing people who abused me. i really should have."

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