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"I need advice ASAP I need some advice ASAP. One of my friends told me that she has breast cancer and also a weak heart. She is in her 50s. As she is a nurse, she has seen the result if what people go through to fight cancer. She has decided to do nothing, and let cancer take her. Well, not let it kill her. Just get her toward to the end. She has told me that when things are grim, that she will overdose on pills to end her life. She has asked me not to tell her family. I am torn. What do I do? I lost my dad to cancer, and this is tearing me up inside that she has confided in me with something so huge, and something that pulls at my heart strings after losing my dad. Do I keep her wishes, and keep her secret, or do I tell her family who may be able to convince her to fight to live?"

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