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" hispanic creeps ok honestly i dont understand, hispanic men are so fucking creepy. its not even racist because they fucking stare at you and theyre probably all rapists. Theyre also all dumb as shit, most of them work in construction cuase theyre all dumb ass morons and i dont know a single latino that gets good grades. why the hell are all latino men so creepy, i was laying down in one of the front rooms in my house in my pajamas, just minding my own business, and i look over and there are these latino construction workers leaning against their car and staring at me consistently. Like WHY its so creepy, I literally had to shut the blinds because they wouldnt stop staring and it was so fucking creepy. Not all people are equal because hispanic mexicans are creepy, dumb, and pathetic. GET BETTER JOBS if youre so smart and so equal to white people. But honestly i would never trust a latino doctor or lawyer"


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