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"Is this a mistake? I feel so torn. Part of me wants to love you with every fiber in my body. Another part of me feels resentful and I just want to leave you behind. It's so hard. Because I want to be with you and make you happiest man alive. I go out of my way to try to contact you, even if it just to tell you to have a wonderful day. I always respected to you in anyway I could. I would always cherished the memories that we've had together. Does any of this ever matter to you? It doesn't seem like it. You don't answer me anymore when try to reach out to you. You've been disrespectful to me. Whenever I had talked about the times we've had together you either don't remember shit or pretend it never happened! God you make me so angry! I don't know what goes on inside your head. I can't tell if you're being oblivious or actually fucking with me! If you don't actually care just tell me to fuck off already instead of keeping me in the dark wondering. It's getting more difficult find reasons to still try. I thought I was your friend, but you really me feel like I'm a nobody."

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