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"Help! should i do the project with him? In science i have to do a project with my crush at his home! i've been in year 8 (13 yrs old) for a while and like about every single boy and for some reason i disliked this one dude but now i like him really like him so me him and my friend are walking to our lockers (after school) and there was no one else there but us and me friend and my top button was undone and you could see down my top (plus it was really hot) so flirt and i smile then he tells me he can see me bra i blush and because were neighbours we say by to my friend whos going in a car and walk home together then he tells me to come round at 7pm tomorrow to do our project and i said i'll see... if i go i'll end up making out with him or worse, or get a F for not doing it?"


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