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"Abandoned for being diferent. I had two friends who i used to go out with almost every night, a certan day in the coffe shop we used to go we met some new people and the group got bigger. Plans started to change and everyone started to go out to nightclubs and these types of things i couldnt go to. I have Social Phobia and don't feel confortable in those kinds of places, im kinda better nowadays i can endure it to some point but at that time i could not. And so the 2 friends i used to be more with those i trusted more decided to go have fun with the new friends to the partys and those things and i was left alone for being diferent and not being able to be in a place with more lots of people. At first it didn't bother me i had my heart closed i didn't feel anything and i liked being alone. As time passed those friendships were ruined the 2 friends i talked about and the other group started to seperate and that was when they came to me again, i started hanging out with them again after that passed, The 2 friends really like me for my qualitys as a friend and much has passed i also like they're company but deep down i feel betrayed, they abandoned me for what i am and when those people we met turned out to be bad people they called me back. One of them is my best friend he was with me during the most dificult times in my life he trusts me above anyone else and i will never forget what he did for me in the past but i can't also forget the fact that he abandoned me to be with more fun to be people in the partys that i could not go to for having Social Phobia. I will never forget the betrayal, even if one day i lose my memories my hatred will remind me. Sorry about any errors, i was writing through my heart, something im not used to do. "


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