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"Flashing my mother in law. The other day we stayed at my wife's parents place. Her dad leaves for work early and i woke up as he made coffee then left quietly. I laid in bed for a while before hearing my wife's mom get up and go to the bathroom. I decided to flash her and quickly unbuttoned my boxers and wriggled my c*** out, I laid there on my back looking like i had rolled over and kicked the covers off, I was rock hard and i think i'm pretty impressive at a good solid 8" long and my wife always says the girth is the best part. I watched the doorway through a squinted eye pretending to be asleep and then she walked by on her way to the kitchen, She glanced in, Stopped, Leaned her head to the side, Lifted her eyebrows and nodded her head in approval then quietly closed the door and went to the kitchen. I got up and went to the kitchen a few minutes later and she looked at me, Smiled and said "Good morning" i said it back and we sat and drank coffee until my wife got up."


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