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"Flashing Bean.I am an attractive 37 year old woman with a good figure and have always enjoyed men looking at me. After I shower in the mornings, I usually put on my skirt and air my p**** while having breakfast and put my panties on last. About a month ago I was having breakfast and then realised - S***!! Daylight saving started today and I was running an hour late. I rushed out the door without thinking about anything but getting to work. The guy sitting across from me on the bus was looking up my skirt and I thought, who cares, he can stare at my panties all day for all I care. After about 20 minutes of him hardly blinking, I thought what an idiot. THEN IT HIT ME!! NO PANITES!! I was so embarrased I got off at the next stop and rang work to tell them I wasn't coming in. I turned around and the perv was standing behind me with a big smile on his face. Before I could say p*** off he came up and wispered he wants me to suck his c*** and pointed to it. It was bulging and I have to admit it was an impressive bulge. I pretened to resist but thought what the heck. I grabbed his hand and led him to a laneway next to a restaurant, knelt down it took out his monster. F*** I was going down on him like I never had before. His k*** was so big I could barely fit it in my mouth at first. He blew a huge load in my mouth in a matter of minutes and I drank it down. Since then I rarely wear panties on public transport but have yet to have another guy so game to follow me. Come on guys, make a move. I'll suck any guy off who has the guts to walk up and ask me. I get wet every time I catch someone perving but they always look away when I make eye contact. Remember guys, you look, you ask and I suck."

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