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"Today after work I went to the rest/truck stop. I parked my car and rolled down the windows. I took my seat belt off and leaned my seat back. When I was leaned back in the seat my entire round belly was exposed (all 45 inches). I had on a revealing shirt to make this all possible. I made sure that the people who walked by my car saw my belly in its entirety. When someone walked past my car I made sure to take a deep breath so that my belly got rounder and bigger and it made my belly button stick straight out at attention. I put my hands behind my head and each time someone looked at me and my belly and belly button I o***** so hard. It was the loudest orgam and it felt so wonderful. During the orgrasm my back would arch back making my belly more round and my belly button stuck out even further. It was the best thing ever. People just kept walking past and looking at me. I felt so free and good. The man that was parked next to me stood there and acted like he was checking his phone, but I know he was watching me because he made it so obvious. That made me come the hardest. Does anyone else do this?"


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