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"My wofe was treated like s*** growing up I married a woman who is a great wife and mother. She works hard and helps me provide for our family. We have a lovely son and daughter. My wife was the product of an unsuccessful relationship. Her mother married another man who resented my future wifes presence. All of her childhood she was second fiddle in the family as the man and my wifes mother favored their two other children. She was told she would have to leave the house at age 18. Ok my daughter graduated high school and she joined the army not knowing what else to do. That is where I met her. We married and after our hitch was up we both got jobs and settled down. I got an education on the GI bill as did she. We eventually had two children. In the meantime her mother wants to get in touch with her again. It seems both of her other children are alcoholic and drug addicts in and out of jail and rehab facilities. Her hubby lets them live in his house and they are making my wifes mothers life pure H***. She depends on her husband for her support so she can't divorce him. I also suspect hes abusive. So here she is wanting to be a part of my wifes life again. I told her that if it was left up to me I;d say no. I told her that she was responsible for the situation between her and her daughter. My mother told her that she could visit only under supervision as she didn't want her mother to completely bond with our children. The lady began crying and hung up the phone. A few minutes later the phone rang again and my wifes mothers husband was on the line asking what the H*** was wrong with his wife. I said "Your whats wrong with her you stupid ignorant hick". I told him what scum I thought he was and that if he wasn't such a stupid old hillbilly of a redneck j*** I'd beat the s*** out of him. I told him that if either of his white trash children ever darkened my door they would live to regret it. He said something stupid and I hung up on him. I didn't hear what he had to say as I hung up in mid sentence. Needless to say he didn't bother us again. I'm twentyfive years younger than him and half a head taller. My wifes mother hasn't shown up yet and I hope she never does again."

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