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"I had just started first year. I am a I had just started first year. I am a male in a mixed school. When i first went into my new school there were lots of attractive girls that i could talk to. There were two girl twins is well. I could talk to one of the twins but i could not talk to the other. I was attracted to one of the identical twins but not the other. I dont know why this is. About two months in to the school year i told her best friend. Then her best friend told her twin. Then her twin told her best friend and her best friend told everyone. And then the girl i liked found out. It was weird. She new i liked her and i know she liked me to. But i spent about one month walking up to her and once i was up to her i would walk past her. We both knew what i was doing! I was trying to ask her to go out with me But i just could not ask her and still cant. I am afraid of being rejected for some reason. I am a popular person and i generally talk to everyone in 1st year every day apart from her! What do i do? What do i say? How do i know if she still likes me? I have been thinking about her all day every day for a year so far and i do not know her. Why? I need help. It is actually starting to get in the way of my life. Dont tell me to get over her because i have already been told that and guess what i just can not get over her. I think i am in love with her somehow? Please comment and give me some advice! Thank you for reading my plea for help."


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