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"Kathy and I have been neighbors for almost a year now I live on second floor and she lives downstairs from me. I usually invite Kathy over on Saturday morning for coffee and doughnuts for the last few weeks she’s been telling me about her younger sister Janice upcoming divorce and the dirty stuff her soon to be exhusband has been doing. Everything from breaking her windows kicking her door and how Janice got a restraining order to keep him away, now he’s been sending her obscene texts and leaving obscene telephone calls for her. Because of his on going harassment Janice moved into town and was now living with Kathy. I remember one Saturday when both Kathy and Jan were over for coffee and Jan’s soon to be ex-husband sent her a email with several attached photos of him and his “new girlfriend” having sex together and telling Jan how much better his new girlfriend was compared to her. The next few Saturday morning coffee clutches all Kathy and Jan would talk about was Jan’s soon to be ex-husbands latest shenanigans. One Saturday morning Kathy suggested that Jan send him some revenge porn, we all laughed about the revenge porn and even suggested how Jan could pose. The next week when Kathy and Jan came over Jan told me that now her divorce was final she wanted to get even with her now exhusband for all of his sexual antics. And how her and Kathy had been out shopping and she bought some really sexual lingerie then she asked me to look at it and pick out the best outfit for her to wear. A few minutes later Jan came back over with a shopping bag from Fredericks of Hollywood lingerie, after looking them over the three of us picked out two different outfits after discussing them Kathy told Jan “Go put one on show and him how sexy you can look.” Jan was embarrassed at her sisters suggestion, but when Kathy asked again Jan went into my bedroom and put of the new lingerie when she came back in the room she looked really sexy, the Kathy told her “go put on your make up” Jan did as her sister asked then and when she came back in the room she had refresher her face now she looked fantastic. Then Kathy told me “get your camera, take a picture of her I want to send it to Tim” After I took a few photos of Jan the three of us looked them over and picked out two for Kathy to send to Jan’s ex. Only a minute or two later Jan’s ex responded to Kathy;’s photos of her sister telling her that nobody would want anything from Jan and that she couldn’t get laid if she wanted to! Both Kathy and Jan were furious at his remarks so Kathy suggested to Jan that she should send him a few porno photos of herself then Kathy sort of jokingly asked me “are you up to it! Want to do my sister?” I wasn’t sure what to say so I told me “May be you should ask Jan first,” Kathy was on a roll and told her sister “come on just do it!” I could see Jan face turning beet red at her sister wanton suggestion, when Jan didn’t say no she sort of agreed to it that’s when they turned toward me I didn’t really want to but I agreed to. Then Kathy told us “come on go over by the patio door so I can get a shot of the two of you!” Jan still had her Fredericks of Hollywood lingerie out fit so for the first photo we posed side by side, then Kathy told us “Come on, show me some action, come on Jan start taking his pants off!” Jan did as her sister asked and loosened my pants then she slipped them down, I was sort of embarrassed because I wasn’t wearing any underpants so when Jan slid my pants down my semi erect cock was right in her face Katy took a picture of her posed right in front of me. Then Kathy told us “now both of you take your cloths off I want get some nude shots of the two of you!” We did as Kathy asked, then we posed naked together, first we posed in a few passionate unbraces, then while kissing her I slipped my hand down to Jan’s crotch and cupped her pussy, the next shot of us I still had my hand on Jan’s pussy while I had my middle finger inside of her and was massaging her clit. I could even feel that Jan was getting aroused as I played with her clit. Then Kathy told Jan “now get down on your knees give him a blow job! Make him cum in your mouth!” again Jan did what her sister suggested and started sucking my fully erect cock. While Jan sucked on my cock Kathy circled around us and took pictures of us from several different angles including close up of Janice with all of my cock in her mouth! Kathy kept urging her sister “Come suck his cock! Let him cum in your mouth, I want a photo of you swallowing!” I was already close to climax when Kathy said that then le I it happened and as I came to climax Kathy took several closeups of her sister, then as I withdrew my cock from her mouth Jan turned toward Kathy and showed her that her mouth was full of my sperm from me ejaculating into her mouth, then Jan swallowed all of it and posed for a photos with a clean mouth! When we were done I told the two of them “come on Jan lets take a shower together! Kathy liked my suggestion and followed us into the bathroom and took several photos of us showering together. When we were done in the shower we took time to dry each other the went out to the Kitchen were Kathy was waiting for us, after showing us the photos she had just taken of us the three of us selected a few to send to Tim. Before the sister went back to their place we made plans for our next Saturday together."


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