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"My wife left a firm she worked at for years to pursue new adventures. Her new job was ok and after 4 years her old boss called and said they want her back as they haven't found anybody that could really replace her. After she left the first time she told me that some guys in the shop would make passes at her, and one guy flat out said point blank to her that he wanted to fuck her, unfortunately nothing ever happened. I was excited to hear the news they wanted her back and hoped she would accept the position. I have daydreamed about her going to work and getting flirted with and fucked by different guys in the shop. I hope this time around it happens. The company has moved operation out of a shared office building into their own building. So no worries of other office workers around. Often times the shop and office is empty while guys are out working and it will only be her and one or two bosses there. One being the guy that flat old told her he wanted to fuck her. Although he since moved on and is no longer there, I'm sure someone else will take his place wanting to fuck my wife. I love my wife and get my pleasure from her pleasure. She likes to be fucked hard and fast and I don't have the stamina to do that. I know guys that fuck married women fuck married pussy like it owes them money. My wife knows I want her to fuck other guys, but isn't very keen on the idea. But I think if the guy that said he wanted to fuck her said it to just her and not infront of other coworkers as well he probably would of been able to. She goes through phases like she is ready to try new cock and other times she doesn't. I'm just hoping now being around all the guys and being the only female getting flirted with will make her want to. I imagine her wearing a dress to work and getting bent over a table in the office having her dress pulled up and just getting fucked like there's no tomorrow, and having to go the rest of the day with cum soaked panties as the guys cum is oozing out of her. I can almost here her moaning with pleasure begging to be fucked harder. I would love to hear her stories of how her day went at the office, and where and how she got fucked that day. She is a great woman and deserves to be fucked hard and fast until she's satisfied. That would make me happy."


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