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"Cheated on my wife In 2007 i went out with some friends to a bar, after a few drinks some of us decided to head to a club. I had already had several drinks by the time we got to the club. Over the previous few weeks my wife and I had been arguing a lot and I was feeling pretty fed up by this point. At the club I met this hot young blonde chick, I bought her some drinks and before long we started kissing. At the end of the evening she asked me to come back to her flat, I jumped into a cab with her at which point she shoved my hand down the back of her skirt! Once we got back to her flat on thing led to another and well I'll leave the details to your imagination. Anyway the next day I left her flat and I felt pretty guilty but now I'm not and feel proud that at almost 40 I managed to screw a chick 20 years younger than me!"

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