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"as you can see I don't get on that great with doctors or ambulance and I don't get on with lawyers much or even churches I keep a healthy distance deliberately, and I have never trusted police and I hate military people and royals and famous rich fucks more. I hate radio people and alp political people the most. I blame them for everything. absolutely everything. I struggle to get on with counsellors and psychologists cuz they all talk a mumbo-jumbo and you only learn that when you learn psychology and counselling that their all full of talking shit! making money scamming and frauding victims of abuse trying to always put the blame back on you and you go away feeling assaulted by them most of the time. so I don't trust a lot of people. I would never ever ever trust qut staff ever again. someone stole my bag someone has played a satanic occult game of abuse on me so sometimes I do it back to others anyone who demonstrates a slight fault I usually pay them back some how. and I don't want to see that slut townsville whore tart hairdressor again either she is a old hag who is inlove with her genitals and does she love herself or what mate! i hate those type. they think they are sexy, I just laugh at them."

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