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"to the bitch at XS cafe carindale yesterday - i should say to you kiss my ass i am a customer you are just a servant slave! you put on this big performance about getting people to move like we were a bunch of children and you some where but no where was their any waiters bringing hot drinks near by and you insulted me slut. i don't take kindly to being spoken to like i am always in the way of people this is a pattern that has been happening all my life and do it again and i will see you sacked. slut slave servant scum. and then it had the hide to ask for my order and i was silent to respond for about half a minute and was going say "oh are you sure i am not in your way, are you really quiet 100percent sure i am not in the way?" but i didn't want to look vivacious so i said nothing but vowed to punish her later and I will. dirty young slut and I am senior to her, in my day when we were working we were not allowed to speak to customers or our elders with rudeness like that. I'll make the little slutty pay."

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