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"More enabling, more problems Today is yet another day of arguments about moochers and money. This time instead of my mother in law begging for money to feed her addiction, it was my sister in law who is asking for money for her husband. Her husband is in a custody situation based on one of his exes and needs money for a child he is not currently taking care of, and my sister in law is trying to help him out be bothering us or money. My husband is the same person who does not listen to reason. He made promises not to send any more money to anyone (his mom and sister) because of how the way they are. His sister is just like their mom, and whenever someone loans her money she never pays them back. My aunt and uncle in law helped with the rest of her rent money while she was on maternity leave and instead of paying them back after getting a new job and receiving her taxes, she buys an Xbox One and gets a new apartment that costs more than her last one. Now, she is asking for money for her husband who is unemployed and is not taking care of his child. I am at my wits end on trying to get it through my husbands' head to start realizing she is just like their mother, a moocher who does not care about anyone but herself. He believes it's my hatred towards her that is causing me to act out like this, but in reality, which he barely comprehends, it's not about hatred. It's about the lack of respect that they refuse to return to us because she acts like the world owes her everything. She does not need to ask us for money, neither does her mother."

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