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"physically/mentally/verbally abusive brother I am a 14yr old girl, my brother is 16. Fuck my life. He makes me want to kill myself. Nobody does anything about him and his aggressive behavior, because they think it's just a phase. I have had 100% ENOUGH of being called a bitch, ugly, useless, worthless, ungrateful, unmotivated, lowly, and trash. I am tired of being hit and punched aggressively whenever he doesn't get his way. I am tired of being scared of MY OWN BROTHER, IN MY OWN HOUSE. When he is forced to drive me places, and I say something he doesn't like in the car, he will drive faster and swerve and threaten to make me walk 15 miles back home. Once I had friends over, and my parents made us go downstairs so we could all sleep on the couch. He was there. I just thought "oh shit." I asked him politely to move. He did. He went to the bathroom. Me and my friends settled down while he was in there, but surprise; when he came out, he threw me off the couch, on the ground, and punched me. HARD. In the face. My friends didn't do anything, or say anything really the rest of the night. When they were asleep, I cried, but I guess one of them heard me and asked if I wanted to call the police or talk to my parents. I couldn't, because I was scared and thought it would pass like the rest of the family. But it NEVER DOES. Driving to volleyball practice is hell; a whole 20 minutes straight of being told I'm mediocre and worthless, and that I think I'm so much better than everyone. I just want to get away. I want him to stop being such a controlling scumbag. I want to stop lying about my bruises. I want to die. I DONT think I'm better than everyone. I promise, man. Please. I just.. I'm so scared for who he marries. He's so controlling and abusive and MANIPULATIVE. I'm scared. I'm scared."


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