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"Glad For The Divorce For years I was upset about my divorce, thinking I could have done something to save the marriage. My wife worked only minimum wage jobs and always had to be right in every instance. She drove us (me) into financial ruin, that I got stuck paying for. She wouldn't have sex and denied she was molested as a kid when all her siblings admitted to it. She had so very many problems that she needed to figure out, not a husband do it for her. I stumbled across an old link to her twitter page and she is all wrapped up in anti-Trump BS, reposting story after story of already disproven lies. Oh, and Beatles stuff. Like a day to day "What happened in Beatles history" kind of stuff. To say she is living in the past is beyond simplifying it all. I used to want to chat with her to see how she is doing. Now I am certain the divorce was a good thing and never, ever want to hear from her again. How did I ever make that mistake in the first place?"


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