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"Mother-in-law vs daughter in law I'm 19 yo boy and I live with my mom my brother and his wife. My mom is 50, my brother is 26 and his wife 25. We live in a small house since dad left us and married another woman. My mother is an aggressive and impulsive woman. She always has arguments with my brother's wife. His wife is cute, patient and very good person. One day, mom crossed the red line. She yelled at my brother's wife and said that her mother is a whore. My brother was at work at that moment, and I was eating.His wife came to me and asked me if I could be calmed and not to interfere.I said ok, I really like her. She said to mom that she is a whore, so that's why my dad left her. Mom got crazy and hit her daughter in law. I was shocked. But the real shock came when my brother's wife pushed mom on the couch, got on top of mom and caught her arms with her legs. She started to slap mom's face and reminded me, not to interfere. She beat up my mom and made her cry. I just watched and didn't do anything. My sister in law was very strong and flexible I couldn't believe. She smothered my mom's mouth with her feet and mom was forced to lick them. I was excited and stunned by that I saw. Mom was scared, she didn't tell my brother about that and I didn't too. My sister in law is very grateful to me that I gave her an opportunity to settle the things with mom."


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