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"Am I vain/snooty/j***? U've heard the saying the people u surround urself with define who you are. Let's start in high school. I went to a s***** high school full of dropouts, soon to be dead beats, future baby mamas, and those who just don't have a future. I truely hated high school and being surrounded by these ppl and couldn't wait to leave. I got picked on because I wasn't trying to act ghetto or "gangsta" and rarely interacted with those animals. I tried to surround myself and only associate with the achievers and those who had college in their mind but still. I hated high school. My younger brother on the other hand, made friends with everyone he could even though we went to the same s***** high school. Out of the bunch of friends he had only about 3-4 ever made it to college. I went to a second rate college that was boarder line community college (no offense) full of ghetto folks but since i didn't plan on staying long I didn't even bother making only but a handful of friends. My brother went to a community college with almost the same crowd but made friends with everyone he could and enjoyed it. He didn't graduate and joined the military. I trasfered to a good university had the time of my life. But in hind sight i wonder which one of us was right for doing what we did..we were both put in a s***** situation. He pretty much made the best of it while I pushed through it with my head down. Like i said earlier i always believed who you surrounded urself with defined you. So was i narrow-minded for not being open to making friends with just anyone??"


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