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"I wish men in the city working would scout for dates more. women tend to follow sexually rather then lead, men lead most woman wait for men to lead, I seen a hot man yesterday when I was out and I thought wow, your great. I wish I could pick up a hot date in the city. why don't businessmen scout for dates more? when I was thin and young and pretty men never noticed me, they could have been getting sex from me if they had of asked me out and showed some interest. why don't men speak to girls who look at them and notice them and chat more, like at shop stalls and fairs and exhibitions for dates? I don't understand why men don't flirt and freelance more for dates on a daily basis with or without a partner they should if they are young and fresh and working in business and corporate jobs and professions they should scout the scene at lunch time and after and before work more like at the bus or train stops at the taxi ranks, at the shops and bars, at the traffic lights and cafes chat up a mother and daughter together, why not do it in pairs even. why don't men freelance their stuff more. condom safe doesn't have to be covent!"


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