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"stop stalking me leave me and my family alone to find new relationships ken. no one here wants to know you. no one here wants you around get the message or you will have police punishing you. stop abusing me ken and anne, you are a scammer couple up to no good, you are bad people. you fuck virgins and ruin lives out of jealousy and hate. you are both in on as a team of dirty animals that should be locked away like hanibal canibal you are bad your never gonna change. stop stalking me. I don't like you. I never liked you. I blame you and lmorris, morris had a duty of care, a civil tort action and criminal action can be taken against your little couples dirty games, no one here wants to know you. stop stalking and abusing me and my family. my father and mother will attack you and report you if you come near me or try your gaming acts on me ever again. we don't want to follow you. we don't believe in the genius of "follow you will follow me" crap we don't like phil we don't like you. we don't nick we don't like adam and his bitch. we don't like relatives we don't like davo we don't like donna and donna is going to get what is coming to her one day for all the years of terrorism and abuse on me and my family. you stop abusing us. or else. we don't want to know any of our dirty whorey vial crim neighbors. my dad is terrified of brutus brown with his pellent gun shooting at our fence to intimidate us. we don't do that to you. so stop abusing us you senile spastics. you are so spastic and loser but only you can't see how spastic and loser you are. stop abusing me and my family or else. we are being tortured here by these mad people. insane sexual demonics. they are insane sexually dirty germ invested std infected scum we don't want around us. we never asked for any of this. stop abusing us! scumbums. i kick your bums come near me alone and I will go you a punch in the face or insult you. I will shame you you weak pathetic dirty scamming scum. stop stalking and abusing me and my family."

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