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"I confess that i am a pakistani boy,i went to russia for my studies,and in my 1st year a fall in love with a waitress which was lovely we went to club and she became drunk,we came to my place we slept together and she tried to do s** but i couldnt,my p**** is so small,and it couldnt stand,then she made fun of me all the time,she next day told her girl friends about that and they all called me tiny man,but i loved her so much that i begged her to stay with me,she said ok b**** but you have to be a slave to me,i agreed. so next night i got ready to be but she said it cant be like that as you are such a useless man.i want to make you a women,i disagreed she said sleep on floor but i begged her to let me sleep to her feet,she said it can only be done if i agrees to become a girl i said ok,she let me sleep to her feet. next morning she said me to remove all my clothes and be fit in a gown completely naked,she took me to a beauty russia it is not usual to take a man for feminization,the salon staff not agreed,but she said me to pay them 1000usd dollars to agree,they agreed and laughed that how stupid as whole i am,they took me another room and asked me to strip naked,then they waxed me all over,shaved my head made my eyebrows pencil like,put waig and makeup,then we left from there to market where evryone laughed at me ,we came home and she asked me to sit under her and drink her p***,i did,we lived fgor two weeks and then she left me crying,i couldnt got to my studies due to my look for more 3 weeks,and now i came back to pakistan,i merried but still a h*** life which i will tell next time,thanks "


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