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" Dear Bitch, Dear Bitch, I'm not sorry that your 3 week long relationship with my fiancee didnt go as you planned. I'm not sorry that he did not inform you that he was with someone else who is a turbo exploding bitch with fat exploding everywhere and blond her and face like a muffin break mime artist for almost a year and a half, that he was using you, and I was using your friendship and I wanted to see you hurt and used and the virgin energy sucked out of your cunt that he was not emotionally invested in you. OMG, he met your parents. You weren't DATING. That's fantastic. I'm not sorry that you fell so hard it was fun and hopelessly in love with somebody over the course of a month that you felt the need to publicly bash us both on social media. You, my dear nagflogfuck hole, are almost 24 years old. Grow the f up. Not everything has to be such a drama you're not going to kill yourself over someone you don't even know we want you to but it would be so fun and we could name our first baby after you and you can hold it if you want and fuck us both. but seriously. I'm embarassed and i need a fuck more then you do, you have no one and that just shows how dumb and weak you are and how much I need sex makes him come back for more and you want him to be this nice guy well he isn't and I love my bad boy so there. that I had to come and collect my sorry ass fiancee away from your stealing spree when I found out he was playing some poor girl like a fiddle in a pub and dicktesting the waters so I bashed you so what I was jealous, but you should be embarassed for letting yourself get so invested. We had a brief separation- he was seeing other people, i was seeing other people, we have shit figured out. He was never yours please stop accusing me of stealing your man. Sincerely, one hormonal, unpregnant but soon to be bitchy selfish controlling dominating sexy hot bitch housewife."

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