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"Being a white male in a Post colonial society I find it very difficult being a white male in this world not because people are assholes for me being white and male. I mean yes lots of people are I guess but I kind of accept that because I am an asshole to others if they are to me so I don't really care what they think. However, the main concern in my life is economic. I am studying my second degree and I live on unemployment benefits just to eat, I have no real life and I am 27. I try to be a nice guy, mind my own business, I don't wish any bad will on anyone but I struggle mainly with widespread attempts to remove jobs traditionally held by white males simply by their choice to participate say in the mining industry and replaced by women or minorities. Not this is concerning for me because it means well if you give those jobs to others what will I than do? I mean I am told go to University or get a trade that is what you should do in highschool but you do that and people are saying hey man you are a white male we don't want you we got to fill a quota, or you aren't experienced enough and you don't fit a quota so we can't waive that requirement so you are locked out from those jobs. So basically all young white men are being told if they don't have family connections they are royally fucked. I am living on unemployment benefits so I can study without it I would starve, if I try to get a job I might get one but the truth is it would probably be a job as a cleaner or something not remotely relevant to someone who has completed a degree. I mean what is the point in studying at University getting a postgraduate education if you end up working as a cleaner on minimum wage? I didn't pay 50K for my education 70 by the time I graduate at least just so I could work as a cleaner. When I finish my postgraduate degree I hopefully will get a good job but I am already 27 so its not easy living on such small amounts of money when I have been doing it my whole life, my parents were not wealthy is that my fault? the fact is there are people of quota backgrounds who are more privileged than me personally and rich people too all of which will either use connections for roles or minority status to lock out poor white men like myself who have been struggling to advance themselves all along while rich guys who actually have privilege are unaffected. Its amazing this is where modern Labor movements have come or even conservative movements lets be honest they are run by childless homos who basically suck the fat off the system with prize quota roles just to fill their own nest with glory at the expense of everybody else. What happened to living in a society of opportunity and allowing people the pursuit of once female interests."

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