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"There is a line on feminism I'm a feminist and do believe a man should be courteous to women like open doors, pay for her food, pull out her chair, etc. but...ladies we need to show compassion as well and be ladies as well, not 'bitches.' So, to the guy that sacrificed his health and well being...I hope you realize you deserve better than that woman you were with. A few nights ago a man was hopping on one foot in snow pushing a stroller. His girlfriend or wife was complaining at him. There were at least 10 other who heard her say "We are going to this damn dinner with my cousin and I don't give a flying fuck you broke your ankle and knee. You are going to sit there and be happy and hide your pain, or I will break your other knee and ankle or push you in front of a car or bus. After we are done, we might go to the hospital." Seriously, on the street corner there was a small puddle of blood so he was really hurt. Maybe he slipped on ice or maybe she did something to him given how mad she was but...damn lady, he needed to go to the hospital. Your dinner dates most likely would have understood! "

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